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Population, culture and science

The population of the country is over 146.3 million people. Russia is originally home to more than 180 nationalities. There are representatives of many world religions among them, in particular, more than 25 million Muslims, who have been living in the country for centuries. They are free to profess Islam, following its rituals and at the same time they remain completely integrated into the Russian society.

During its history Russia has presented to the world many outstanding scientists and inventors. 21 Russians have become Nobel laureates, today there are 515 academicians in the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The most important recent scientific achievements of the time are the following:

  • The invention of Exawatt Lazers – the most powerful sources of light rays on the planet;
  • The invention of the most powerful magnetic field – “superhigh magnetic fields”, which power exceeds the power of the Earth’s magnetic field by 100 million times;
  • The discovery of superheavy elements: Flerovium – number 114 and Livermorium – number 116 in the Mendeleev periodic table.

In addition, in the recent time in Russia were created:

  • The world's only autonomous floating nuclear power station;
  • The world's only marine launching pad for space rockets;
  • The world's largest space radio-telescope exceeding Hubble’s resolution more than 1000 times;
  • The world's second global space positioning system – GLONASS;
  • The unique technology for finding mineral resources via electromagnetic and seismic noise, which reduces the cost of oil deposits’ search by 3 times.

The country has also achieved great results in culture: Russian writers and musicians are well-known all over the world while masterpieces of Russian artists are being kept in the best museums and private collections. Today the country occupies one of the leading positions by the number of museums (over 3000) and theatres (about 1500). It reflects the rich history of the country, which over past 1000 years has been destined to be among the main protagonists and actively participate in the events of global significance.

Russia has a huge potential in tourism as well. There are 26 world UNESCO heritage sites throughout the country and at the same time Russia is famous for its unique architectural traditions and incomparable nature reserves.